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Sagittarius comfort zone: Not a lot of pressure or responsibility, little consequence for speaking their mind, a place or person with positive vibes, and there is little criticism. Capricorn comfort zone: Has control in some way, a lot of reliability and routine, nothing ever changes, people listen to them, and others bend to their way. Pisces comfort zone: Around dependable people, there is a place to escape, lots of comforting energy, and things are familiar in a physical sense.

There are small blue stars and scars all over her body.

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She holding a small dark star between her hands. Lup is looking at the viewer with a slight smile, stars in her eyes. There are some differences in coloring and style.

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We all have our comfort zones and at times we all need to step out of them! Signs as Adventure Zone Characters. Gemini [Image: A half body illustration of Lup, an elf with large ears, greyish skin and lilac hair. She also asked where I was from.

About Gemini

Aries x Gemini in love. You are classified as a mutable sign, so you are the most versatile and adaptable of signs. When you encounter a plan that does not work, Gemini goes to plan B and plan C with ease, continually coming up with equally workable plans that occurred to no one else on the team. As a Gemini, you are fortunate that you look and act younger than your years, all through life, for your sign is tied to the myth of Pan, which in modern day we came to know as Peter Pan.

The story of Pan is actually a much more beautiful myth than the version we all know from cartoons.

Your charming childlike curiosity, youthful mannerisms, witty, split-second sense of humor, usually slim frame, and interest in all that is new including fashion make everyone guess you are at least ten years younger than your birthday would reveal. The one area that appeals strongly to the Gemini woman is accessories, for Gemini women usually have a beautiful arsenal of quality scarves, handbags, shoes, necklaces, bracelets, and other up-to-the-minute accessories that add polish and chic to your outfit and express your individual style.

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