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The Meanings of the Houses

This would be a trine or quincunx if the orb is tight enough, each which will happen for a few intense months during this phase of about five years. This would be a degree angle between signs. It will be especially intense when the sun and moon make a partile quincunx for a few months during this phase. This would be a degree angle. Secondary Progressed New Moon: You are reinventing yourself at this point in life! It is time for you to view life and the world with a fresh perspective!

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Start a new hobby. Now is a great time to start a business or move to a new place. Leave behind what has kept you stuck in previous years. Secondary Progressed Waxing Crescent Phase: You are cultivating what you have started, building upon what you already know. You are sowing the seeds that you will reap later on, so be mindful about whether the choices you are making at this point in life will provide for a comfortable situation that you will be dealing with in the future.

If in a cardinal sign, you are finding the power within you, leading or guiding other people. If in a fixed sign, you are resisting obstacles that get in the way of what you want, acting determined. Secondary Progressed Waxing Gibbous Phase: You are at a climax in your life, feeling like you are almost there in obtaining your goals. The stakes are high and it is up to you to prove yourself. This phase lasts about five years as it contains the moon sign that is trine the progressed sun AND also the sign that is quincunx the progressed sun. This entire five year period is an incredibly creative time for you!

Your desires will come to fruition at this time, and if they do not, it means that you need to learn a lesson, to be more honest with yourself about what is truly best for you. You feel an internal uncertainty, as there is a tug of war between your ego and your emotions, for example your desire to socialize if progressed moon is in Libra may get in the way of your need to move forward and be self-sufficient if progressed sun is in Aries. You are probably getting a lot of attention at this point of your life, as the moon shines so bright!

If you did not make wise moves while you were in the waxing phases, the carpet is being pulled from under your feet right now.

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Secondary Progressed Waning Gibbous Phase: Once again you are realizing what went wrong before, and now is your chance to make adjustments. If you do not take an honest look at your own flaws now, the universe will continue to give you problems that make you feel disheartened. I can give you a clear insight to what the universe wants you to realize if you get a reading with me! Secondary Progressed Disseminating Moon Phase: If you have made those adjustments and gained the wisdom the universe attempted to bring to you before, things will be flowing more smoothly for you at this point in life.

Your progressed moon and progressed sun are in the same element during this phase, so you are finding harmony within yourself , your life is coming together! If you did not face your flaws during previous phases, then the upcoming phases will lead you to feeling even more discouragement.

Understanding the Astrological Chart Wheel

Secondary progressed Last Quarter Phase Waning Half Moon : Now is your last chance to improve upon what you have been avoiding, and you will experience crisis as a reflection of your inner world. You are finding resolution , reflecting on your mistakes, and reminiscing about the good times. This lasts about five years as it contains the moon sign that is sextile the sun as well as the moon sign that is just before the sun. In other words, there are opportunities for you when the moon sign is sextile the progressed sun, and you will gain a spark of inspiration.

When the progressed moon is 30 degrees before your progressed sun, your emotional self is clinging onto something that contradicts the goals of the sun.

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He brushes it off - what is there even to brush off? He meets Patton first. Thomas gets up early one morning, hoping to catch the sunrise, and sees a pale blue shadow brush past the island in the kitchen - he pauses and tiptoes closer, shuffling behind a pillar in the foyer to watch for the motion again: it reappears a second later, accompanied by a jaunty, whistled tune, and Thomas sees the freckled face of a young man with round wire-frame glasses and soft smile, bustling around the kitchen as he prepares a plate of jellied toast, his simple outfit obscured by an embroidered apron.

He looks almost opaque, except for the faint trail of bright blue… something that drifts behind him with every step. Though he talks extensively about how lovely the children he used to care for and how much less lovely their father was , Patton never mentions becoming a ghost. Thomas does not ask, even when he notices that Patton never removes his apron. He stands before a telescope in the bay window and stares at the night sky with soft admiration when Thomas first sees him among loose papers scattered around the room - Thomas catches sight of constellation sketches, dotted charts, and scribbled calculations, all in the same loopy handwriting.

The man, Logan which he announces without looking back at Thomas is dressed in a high-neck button down under a simple black vest and similar pants, and a dark blue tie, an ensemble Thomas can almost reliably identify as Victorian.

When Thomas goes to see him the next morning, the papers and telescope are gone, and the curtains flutter with a breeze that floats through the wide-open bay window. Eventually he traces it back to the lone bedroom at the end of the second floor hall. There, he meets a pair star crossed lovers, whose eyes are shut as they dance noiselessly around the room, perfectly in time with the ethereal melody that seems to drift from the walls themselves.

Thomas leaves clueless that night. Patton later informs him that the shorter one is Virgil, who Thomas sees in the library the next day, reading poetry while seated atop of the highest bookshelf, and again, watching Patton drift through the garden, and though he seems insistent on being alone most of the time, he offers Thomas the occasional nod; the taller boy is Roman, who Thomas traces the breezy sighs back to - the soldier is over his shoulder every time he pulls out his phone or laptop, almond eyes tracing the screens with shining reverence, and he even begins to greet Thomas with a hearty wave.

Same with Virgil. Logan stands at his window every night, welcoming Thomas at his side to see the stars sometimes Patton is already in the spot, and on those nights, Thomas heads to bed as usual, leaving the pair to their gentle discussions. Patton makes Thomas breakfast and sits with him at the kitchen island to talk about anything and everything. I'm supposed to be an ascendant and sun Aquarius and cancer Moon, but forever identified more with fire signs than air or water.

Yes, I encounter this very often in the astrology community. Not identifying with any part of your natal chart is always the result of one of the following:. Hang in there — I promise it will make sense. Birth chart calculators always generate something a little bit different. The symbols on the outside of the wheel, represent the planetary positions. In the first division of the wheel there are 12 houses. These represent the 12 houses of astrology.

Testing A Rectification Method

They are the fields of experience and the themes in which we experience the qualities of the signs and planets through. The ascendent AC signifies the first house cusp and the seventh the descendent. And they correlate with the twelve zodiac signs in the middle of the wheel. The inner wheel lines represent the aspect or relationship between the planets. A blue line is fluid and a red line is tension. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

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    Do with that information as you will, that is all I know on anything Lilith related! The Horizon Ascendant-Descendant and the Meridian Medium Coeli-Imum Coeli Angular Houses — the houses corresponding to the Cardinal Signs Aquarius — the eleventh sign, an air sign of the fixed modality Aries — the first sign, a fire sign of the cardinal modality Ascendant — the degree of the zodiac that is rising on the horizon at the moment of birth, also known as the Rising usually the cusp of the First House Aspects — specific geometrical relations between two bodies in a chart Cadent Houses — the houses corresponding to the Mutable Signs Cancer — the fourth sign, a water sign of the cardinal modality Capricorn — the tenth sign, an earth sign of the cardinal modality Cardinal Signs — [Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn] the quadruplicity existing at the initiation of a season equinoxes and solstices.

    Divided into degrees and then twelve sub sections of thirty degrees called Signs Exaltation — the placement of a planet in the sign or house in which it best expresses its energy Fall — the placement of a planet in the sign or house opposite to its Exaltation Feminine Signs — the three earth signs and the three water signs that represent the perceptive-emotional functions. The signs of negative polarity Fire Signs — [Aries, Leo, Sagittarius] the triplicity that represents the function of feeling, and our passions and drives Fixed Signs — [Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius] the quadruplicity that exists as the proliferation of a season.